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Positive Futures
It's time to channel our collective curiosity, to explore not just the stars but the boundless potential of our own collaborative efforts. With this in mind, we present our story generator – not just as a whimsical tool, but as a reflection of what we can achieve when we envision and work towards a brighter, shared future.
Earth Directory
A shared source of truth to build a better future. As awareness of the climate crisis increases, so does the noise and origin of information. We are working to make a glossary of terms, agreements, companies, organizations and more.
CircuLaw shows local authorities how you can accelerate the circular transition with existing legal instruments.
Earth API
Everything humans do affects our ecosystems. And with many of the Earth's systems at tipping points, there must be accessibility and modernization of climate data platforms.
Slate is a fully open-source file sharing network designed for research and collaboration built by Protocol Labs for Filecoin. Store your data, organize it any way you like, and share it with the world securely. Built with Textile, and IPFS.
Easy Chinese
A carefully curated, fun, and pretty flashcards to accelerate your chinese learning from scratch.
Make a slide presentation from any are.na collection by pasting the url below.
Social Distancing Works
Self-quaranting is invisible. By putting a mask on your profile pic indicating you are staying home, you can be an example to your friends and family.
At IDEO CoLab, I worked on Nomad. A platform which uses IPFS to create a peer-to-peer network of nodes that routes messages from publisher to subscriber.
Whole Person Care
Over the course of eight weeks with the City of San Francisco's Department of Public Health, our team mapped the Medi-Cal enrollment process for homeless in San Francisco Country.
Pico Core
The concept of this core is to capture rainwater and sunlight, and store and process them locally so that we don’t waste materials setting up thousands and thousands of miles of pipes and cables. By centralizing utilities such as water storage, energy storage, refrigeration, shower, and bathroom into a single unit, we can enable spaces to be scalable and affordable. This will also allow us to be more resilient to climate change situations such as sea water levels rising.
Composing Sink
We build a composting sink to use localization to reduce infrastructure straying in cities and provide a solution for working towards a proof of concept for a parallel effort called PicoCore, which looked at the idea of a micro-grid and seeing if we could make a pico-grid containing all utilities needed for a modern dwelling.
IFTTT Maker Platform
Lead user research on the Maker Platform launch. To establish and manage the first community of makers who used IFTTT. Documented and developed case studies to determine how IFTTT’s products could evolve better to match the demand of IOT and affiliated systems. Included is a selected set of works.
A Eye
What does it look like for a city to care for its citizens? We explored three directions in which A-Eye could help support us as we traverse daily life in our town.
Galileo Starter Kit
At Intel Labs I worked on the User Experience Research Group's Open Design Team where I focused on researching how Intel could make hardware more approachable to novice makers.