Many of my projects begin as a curated collection of thoughts within an channel. Below, you'll find the latest updates from these channels, each representing a potential project in the making. These evolving channels are the seeds from which projects are likely to blossom in the near future.
Ways of visualizing borders
Many of the borders we recognize are man-made and do not necessarily correspond with natural boundaries. In this study, we explore instances where such borders have influenced our perception of nature.
Sea Wilding
Examples of projects, groups, teams, and communities who are working on rewilding parts of the ocean.
Case Study End Of Life
Our research focuses on the end-of-life stage, where atoms undergo a transition from one form of being to another. We aim to identify instances where this transition is not perceived as a finite moment but from one state of matter to another.
From Micro to PicoGrids
Research how we can learn from implementing microgrids to make the structure more self-evident at a picogrid scale.
Platforms for open science
Research into how we can better support collaborations with citizen scientists.
Ecological Cybernetics
Ecological cybernetics refers to the application of cybernetic principles to understand and study ecological systems. Cybernetics, originally developed to study systems of control and communication in animals and machines, emphasizes feedback loops, information flows, and system dynamics. When applied to ecology, it provides tools and frameworks for analyzing how ecosystems function, respond to changes, and maintain stability or evolve over time.
Wet Labs
Collection of research, exploring, wet, labs, variants, and other contained environments used to emulate some form of the planet, based on very controlled environmental conditions.