Hey I’m Will,
My day-to-day focuses are on implementing web3 technologies to help monitor greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, this takes the form of Earth API, a data management and visualization tool for bioregions, built-in collaboration with Anthropogenic.
I also co-run a community of creatives, consisting of indiepreneurs, coders, artists, designers, musicians, videographers, writers, animators (and more) who are working to support each other in establishing both creative autonomy and financial stability. This space allows me to tinker with smaller ideas to keep my creative thoughts flowing in a way that is not always sustainable at work.
In the before times, I worked as a design technologist at research labs across all types of companies. In these roles, I translated emerging technologies into prototypes in which the core tech was abstracted away so that we could focus on the intended function. Before that was college at California College of the Arts.
william felker in 2022
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